Is Your Garage Door Sending You Messages?

If so, let us translate so you are not held hostage by your door!

  • •Random Squeaks = Lubrication Please!
  • •Shrill Whine = I’m coming off my tracks!
  • •Grinding = I can’t believe it’s come to this!
  • •Snap, Boom = You’re my prisoner!

If you unfortunately did not hear the above messages, and now you need service, you'll find comfort in the fact that our staff has over 200 combined years of garage door experience.

  • •24-hour service when you need it
  • •Factory trained technicians
  • •All service is warranted
  • •Large parts inventory (on service trucks)

Have our Parts Diagram handy when you call for service, it will help you explain to us what is happening with your door.


For preventative maintenance to stop problems before they begin, see our: