Red Ribbon Service Plan


  • •Complete Safety inspection
  • •Lubrication
  • •Tighten chain on operators
  • •Replace batteries in remotes and keyless entry
  • •25-point inspection of door(s) or operator(s)
  • •Lifetime service record of repairs
  • •Rate the overall condition of door(s) & operator(s)
  • •All recommended repairs will be quoted

Includes two single doors & operators, or one double door & operator. All additional doors and operators price separately.

Who needs the Red Ribbon Service Plan?

  • •Anyone with an old door that hasn’t been serviced
  • •Anyone that doesn’t want to be held hostage by their garage door
  • •Anyone tired of an old door needing constant repair
  • •Ever had your door break Friday evening and had to wait until Monday to repair it? No more!
  • •Note: garage doors were never designed to be the main entrance into your house, 70% of homeowners now use the garage door as the main entrance.
  • •Your budget is tight, don’t let your garage door set you back.
  • •Service plans extend the life of your door(s) & operator(s).

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Red Ribbon Service Plans

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